At Pivot Health and Fitness, we work with you to develop the best program for you to reach your goals. 

We offer the following services in a studio setting with no other members or trainer giving you the best opportunity to reach your individual goals: 

  • Private Personal training: This service allows the personal trainer to work one on one with a client with no disruptions from other trainers or members. Private personal training allows the client to enjoy the entire studio space for their scheduled workout, distraction and disruption free. 

  • Private Partner Personal Training:  This service allows the trainer to work two on one for those individuals who prefer a little extra motivation in reaching their goals.  Private partner personal training allows you and your partner to push one another to reach your goals and set new ones.  Again, the full studio is yours to enjoy, no waiting for your favorite piece of equipment.  ​

  • Private Small Group Personal Training: This service allows the trainer to work with no more than four clients simultaneously.  This is a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits and personal attention of a personal trainer without the individual price tag.  Also, the small group atmosphere fosters esprit de corps, accountability, and friendly competition.